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Jumaat, 13 November 2015

Elite S7 Hybrid Fat Burner (4 in 1) + Detox + Collagen

Elite S7 Hybrid Fat Burner (4 in 1) + Detox + Collagen

PRICE                    : RM170 + RM10 (POSTAGE)
WHATSAPP            : 0169599092

  • 1st Hybrid Fat Burner in Malaysia
  •     KKM Approval
  •     Detox + Fat Burner
  •     Boost Beautiful Skin, Energy, Burning Fat
  •     Triple Energy Booster
  •     Delicious Mix Berries

Product details of Elite S7 Hybrid Fat Burner (4 in 1) + Detox + Collagen

Fat Burner Advanced Elite S7 Yang Mempunyai 4 Khasiat Yang Berlainan.
✔ Fat Burner
✔ Detox
✔ Collagen
✔ Energy Booster

Fat Burner Advanced Elite S7 Ini Mmg Best Giler Sbb:

✔ Berat Baadan Cepat Turun Wpun Takde Masa Nak Bersenaam & Diett
✔ 'Membuang' Lebih Mudah. Tak Perlu Lepak Lama2 Dlm Toilet
✔ Daya Tahan Penyakit (Sistem Imun) Meningkat. Tak Perlu MC Selalu Pasni.
✔ Baadan Tidak Cepat Lesu & Letih.
✔ Seleraa Maakan Terkawal.
✔ Harga Terlajak Murah Dengan 4 Khasiat Yg Berlainan. Tak Perlu Beli 4 Produk




50pcs 3M N95 AntiHaze Mask 9105 Disposable Particulate Respirator

50pcs 3M N95 AntiHaze Mask 9105 Disposable Particulate Respirator


PRICE                    : RM 169
WHATSAPP          : 0169599092

  • High Quality
  • Affordable
  • Safe to use 

Product details of 50pcs 3M N95 AntiHaze Mask 9105 Disposable Particulate Respirator

3M™ Disposable Particulate Respirator, N95 Anti Haze Mask 50pcs
Our item are  fresh new stock, the last recent few day we have to go Pos Laju directly to save the delivery man pick up time ,This is to enable our customer to get the mask as soon as they can. some customer able to get the item in next day after placed order.(most of the delivery still rely on Poslaju).We recommend customer to keep some quantity of Mask, the weather forecast unable to predict correctly the API index. Normally the new manufacture item suitable to keep about 5years. The Haze situation seems not able to settle in short time, this mean can use up. There is no problem to stock our item for 4years plus.  some customer are contact and request us to send as soon but poslaju are not open 7day/24hours and the area is far from Port Klang, some customer come to pick up in our office without wearing suitable Mask in serious Haze situation, we hope this message could remind customer to be more ready.       Please Click on Below Ministry of Health Malaysia official Web site to understand USAGE OF PERSONAL PROTECTION DURING HAZE by N95 Certified Mask.http://www.moh.gov.my/english.php/pages/view/1793M™VFlex™Particulate Respirators 9105,N95 Anti Haze 50pcsV-shaped pleats expand to provide a comfortable seal while giving you a spacious feel. The pleats flex with mouth movement for easier talking.The unique embossed ‘V’ shapes on the front panel are designedto keep filter media away from your mouth.The tabs on the side are designed as handles for easy positioning of the respirator on your face to achieve a comfortable fit.This product is available in two sizes - to fit a broad range of faces.The respirators are NIOSH approved and have the kind of responsive support and access to technical personnel that a brand like 3M can offer.    The Different between normal Mask and Respirator Mask    SIMPLE COMPARISON of Different Rating of Mask  How to use wear 3M 9105 N95   

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95


WHATSAPP : 0169599092 


  • Safety
  • White
  • Soft Material
  • Disposal
  • 20 pcs / Box

Product details of 3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

This classic disposable N95 particulate respirator is designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles.    

Features and Benefits
  1. Classic disposable N95 particulate respirator
  2. Welded strap attachment
  3. Cushioning nose foam 
  4. Adjustable noseclip helps provide a custom fit and secure seal
Product Characteristics
  1. Braided Comfort Strap: No
  2. Exhalation Valve: No
  3. Faceseal / Nosefoam: Nosefoam
  4. Fluid Resistant (ASTM F1862): N/A
  5. Individually Wrapped: No
  6. Nose Clip Shape: Straight
  7. Ozone (3M Recommended up to 10X OSHA PEL): No
  8. Push To GSDB: true
  9. Respirator Style: Cup
  10. Size: Standard
  11. Strap Attachment Type: Welded

New Female Vaginal Repair Herbal Tampons Products

10 pcs New Female Vaginal Repair Herbal Tampons Products 

PRICE : RM 79.00

WHATSAPP : 0169599092


  • Item Type:Feminine Hygiene
  • Brand Name:Maxin
  • Quantity:10bags
  • Material:Cnidium, one hundred, kochia son, motherwort, saffron, Tuckahoe etc
  • Size:1pcs/bag
  • Usage:tampons,herbal tampons
  • Function:Qing detoxification, Qubanyangyan; traction detoxification
  • Storage:below 20 degree
  • pcs:1pcs/bag, 10pcs/lot

Product details of 10 pcs New Female Vaginal Repair Herbal Tampons Products herbal tampons suitable fungal vaginitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, trichomoniasis vaginitis, annex inflammation, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other common gynecological disease, there is a great therapeutic effect.Our Secre Qing Wan Shan Capsules Trial Pack upgrade recipeDetoxifies delay menstruation efficacy significantly more stable and reliableQing pill for the following women: cervical erosion, genital itching; YD inflammation, abnormal vaginal discharge; menstrual disorders, endocrine system disorder; uterine fibroids, dysfunctional uterine bleeding; pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, Palace drooping; symptoms of menopause caused;
      Gynecological inflammation often attack, and repeatedly gone to the hospital always good, why? Rooted in two aspects!  First: YD relaxation often gaping mouth, unable to resist the intrusion of bacteria;Second: YD folds hiding a lot of toxins, bacteria, dead skin material, forming a nest of inflammatory drugs, leading gynecological disease disease recurrence.  Our Secret Qing pill five major feature allows you to stay away from gynecological diseases, sex more attractive, JMS ...... envy, jealousy and hatred.
Features one: topical not oral, convenient and more secure         Our Secret Qing pill use condensate extraction essence, 10 minutes to dissolve penetration, absorption rate of close to 100%, not through the stomach and kidney does not damage the health! Replaceable, no foreign body sensation, does not affect the normal work and life.
 Features two: pure natural herbs, no worries easeEach one Qing pill are rigorously 60C0-y irradiation sterilization, natural herbal raw materials, the entire process in accordance with the sterile, dust-free requirements, aseptic packaging, in line with national health quality standards, no side effects.
 Features three: the effectiveness of triple body no episodeQing pill is a complex sexual function products, detoxification anti-inflammatory, bactericidal itching, warm house raising three functions in one nest simultaneously. Women have transferred blood, promoting excretion, shaped yin and yang, the beauty of the spot effect.

  Features four: Wellness are not isolated, life fun   Our Secret Qing pills, 1-3 tablets effective, can the female reproductive system, all kinds of dirt, clearing house through drug absorption in vitro, both anti-inflammatory sterilization, the eradication of disease symptoms, but also conditioning blood, endocrine regulation, play health and beauty effect. Features five: endocrine regulation, health add vitality  Our Secret Qing pill unique herb nourishing ingredients can be up to the uterus, ovaries deep organ tone, clear congestion, facilitate the excretion of metabolic waste, prevent postpartum endocrine disorders syndrome. Can effectively nourish a woman, a woman radiant skin so smooth!  Six women need Qing pill
1. gynecological inflammation female -Environmental bacteria can cause imbalance within the YD female gynecological disease disease permanently, over time will worsen rose to the uterus, ovaries, causing greater disease symptoms.2.YD inflammation, abnormal vaginal discharge in womenYD natural defenses inside is damaged, if not a long rehabilitation, not only causes the smell, but also may lead to premature delivery, infection of fetal malformations, and even lead to infertility.3 menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders in women .Long-term menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders, can cause premature aging, dizziness, fatigue, body anemia, skin pigmentation, infertility, menstrual syndrome.4 people, abortion, women -Abortion itself is something to defy the laws of nature, a lot of post-abortion residual body and remove toxins do not always affect the physical health of women. 5 menopause cause discomfort -Enter other symptoms caused by menopause, such as dry, astringent, itching, pain ... Qing pill can effectively recover these symptoms, slow the aging female body.6 women need to improve facial skin -Get rid of facial stubborn pigmentation and spots, improve facial skin bleak phenomenon, the skin becomes delicate rosy, healthy beauty.

Selasa, 10 November 2015

Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer


Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer


WHATSAPP : 016 959 9092

6 Months Local Supplier Warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Long battery life
  • Soft operation keys
  • Up to 10 memories for past readings
  • Display range: 34 to 44 Degree Celcius


    Product details of Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer

    What is an Infrared Ear Thermometer?
    The Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer is a handy tool to have either at home or for the professionals. A useful device for parents at home and for those in the medical field, this infrared thermometer detects body temperatures from the ear. The Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer is a useful tool to have around to diagnose early sickness, easy to use and clean.


    How the Thermometer Reads
    Thermometers are routinely used to monitor body temperatures in clinical settings for early diagnose of a fever or increase in temperature which may signal an illness which may require further diagnosis and treatment. The Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer measures the infrared energy emitted from the patient's eardrum in a calibrated length of time to give a very accurate reading of body temperature.


    How the Thermometer Works
    The Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer works by the insertion of a short tube with a protective sleeve into the ear. The shutter is then opened to allow radiation from the tympanic membrane to fall on an infrared detector for a relatively small period of time (within 0.5 seconds). The Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer beeps when data collection is completed and a readout of temperature is produced on a liquid crystal display.


    What are the features of the thermometer?
    The Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer is very simple to use and clean. It works almost noiselessly with its sofy key functions except for a tiny beep to indicate temperature has been read. The thermometer has a very long battery life and a memory to keep up to 10 temperature readings. The Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer has a temperature display range of 34 to 44 Degree Celcius.

Heart Rate and Calorie Monitor Watch

Heart Rate and Calorie Monitor Watch

PRICE : RM 52.00 + RM10 (POSTAGE)

WHATSAAP : 0169599092

1 Month Local Supplier Warranty
  • Built-in ECG Pulse Sensor
  • Exercise Heart Rate measure and Resting Heart Rate measure modes
  • Mode Setting: Chronograph mode and Pulse mode
  • Personal Physical Data Input
  • Chronograph Watch

Product details of Heart Rate and Calorie Monitor Watch

Keeping track of your heart rate is very important during workouts. When it comes to exercise it is not just the amount you do, but the intensity at which you do it.

Product specifications and features

Band width: Approx. 2cm
Case diameter: Approx. 4cm
Weight: 49g
Content: Date, time, stop watch, alarm, pulse, calorie & heart rate calculator
Material: ABS, PU, and stainless steel
Calculates calorie consumption by entering your age, weight & gender
Water resistant


Selasa, 22 April 2014


Fossil Men's FM 11435
Retail price   : RM639.00
Online price  : RM539 .00

Quartz movement. 
Stainless steel case.
Black leather strap. Black dial. 
Date calendar display at between 4 and 5 o'clock position. 
Analog display. Chronograph function. 
Water resistant to 100 meters.
Case size: 44mm. 
 Case thickness: 13mm. Band width: 22mm.